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stand up comedy course. learn standup comedy. online course for comedy. comedy writing course.
stand up comedy course. learn standup comedy. online course for comedy. comedy writing course.

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stand up comedy course. learn standup comedy. online course for comedy. comedy writing course.

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  • ​Professionally produced video lessons.
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Course Lessons


  • ​The premise of a joke structure.
  • ​Picking your style of comedy.
  • ​Topics for you to write about.
  • ​Landing your first joke on stage.


  • Become a better writer.
  • ​Overcome writer's block.
  • ​Identify hidden material.
  • ​Joke writing frameworks.
  • ​Editing your material.


  • ​Correctly structure your stage routine.
  • ​Make your routine flow.
  • ​Double down on the same joke.
  • ​Finish your routine on a high.


  • ​Dominate the stage start to finish.
  • Improve your stagecraft.
  • ​Prepare for hecklers.
  • ​Get away with using risky material.


  • Get noticed by bookers.
  • ​Email templates to get gigs.
  • ​Avoid the blacklist.
  • ​Find gigs in your area.

Access Exclusive Interviews With Professional Comedians

Get a true insight into the world of standup comedy. Learn from their mistakes and get their honest advice to help you succeed.

Full Time Industry Experts Working In The Field

John McAllister


From plasterer to CEO and Founder of Comedy Lounge. Johnny put everything on the line to open his own comedy club and has since turned it into one of the best clubs in the world for performing standup comedy.

Over his 20+ years in the industry, he has been a comedian, a booker, and a club owner. Johnny has watched and analysed thousands of comedians perform on stage and from that he knows exactly what makes or breaks a comedian. 

David Hughes


From posting on Twitter as a hobby to becoming a full-time comedy writer and Author, David has put his 10+ years of experience into this course.

 David grew his social media fan base to over 230,000 followers. He writers for Mock the Week, Have I Got News For You & Trailer Park Boys

He is also a published author for Playboy, Buzzfeed, The Dad, HuffPost, Bunny Ears, and The Chive.

"The course was a kick up the backside and made me focus on moving forward".

Course Student - Gill Cordiner

Student Testimonials

Daniel Frater

It was a great experience and taught me a lot and furthered my love and interest for stand up. I definitely feel as if the course has helped me both in creating my routine and in how I behave and approach being involved in the scene. The lessons on writing I found surprisingly helpful, I honestly didn’t think you could teach people how to write jokes.

Daniel Nielsen

This Comedy Course is the Bungee cord you can trust before taking a leap of faith.I learned how to wring my brain for comedic material and how to present it. I learned that the journey is long but filled with delicious serotonin. I learned that a proficient stand-up unlocks a world of opportunity and a community as regal and gung ho as any. Let this course be a cardinal point on your Comedy Journey. Best of luck.


This course is great for anyone who wants to write comedic material and be successful with it. It has helped me tremendously as a standup performer
stand up comedy course. learn standup comedy. online course for comedy. comedy writing course.
stand up comedy course. learn standup comedy. online course for comedy. comedy writing course.
We Are Built For Comedy
"Comedy Lounge is one of the best comedy clubs in the australia if not the world".

Jim Jefferies


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  • ​Professionally produced printable workbook
  • 2x email templates to use to get gigs.
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  • ​Access to ongoing exclusive comedian interviews.
  • ​Exclusive discounts on future courses  

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Access our private comedy networking group where we help each other reach our goals. Upload your videos, ask for advice and make friends across the globe.


Cut and copy booker email templates for you to use when you are ready to get on stage and test out your material.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not a comedian?
Our courses are for anyone who wants to learn standup comedy. Even if this is your first time telling a joke, the advice and exercises we give will help you polish your skills and perfect your act – guaranteed.
When can I access the course?
You can access the entire course straight away. After you have signed up, you'll be redirected to create an account which you can use to log in at any time.
Does it matter where you are located?
We have spent a long time to make sure the content has global relevance. The lessons you will learn are applicable throughout the world.
I'm an open-mic comedian, will this course still help me?
Absolutely, we tested the course on comedians prior to launching the course and everyone learnt something which has dramatically improved their skills as a comedian.  If you're not happy with the course remember we have a 30 day money back guarantee.
How do I access the bonuses?
The bonuses will be automatically added to your account within the members area. If you are unable to access them, let us know straight away.
How long does the course take to complete?
On average it will take you about 5 days to complete if you put in about 30 to 45minutes a night. The more effort you put in the more you'll get out of it. 
Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
We do. At any point within 30 days of purchasing the course, you decide you are not happy with what we have provided you, we will give you a full refund.
Do I have to complete it in 5 days?
You have unlimited access so you can take your time and go over the lessons when it suits you.
Is Comedy Courses for amateurs too?
Yes, Comedy Courses is for anyone who would like to learn how to do standup comedy. It doesn't matter if you're already a professional, we still have the perfect course for you.
Who is Comedy Lounge?
Comedy Lounge is our main business, we are a purpose-built comedy club located in Western Australia. you can learn more about us at

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