Comedy Lounge is one of the best comedy clubs in Australia if not the world. International comedian - Jim Jefferies


Started At The Bottom Now We're Here

From plasterer and hairdresser to owners of one of the best comedy clubs in the world.

Johnny and Jane McAllister pursued started off opening a comedy night some 20 years ago, working two jobs to open a night and put on comedy.

They both traveled to the best comedy clubs across the globe, noted what worked and what didn't, and brought it back to Perth Western Australia to design the perfect comedy club.

Every inch of the club has been built for comedy. The sound, lighting, seating, and soundproofing have all been tailored to ensure comedians have the best opportunity to do well on stage.

Some of the biggest names in Australia and across the globe have step foot on the stage at Comedy Lounge. Including;

Jim Jefferies, Chris Rock, Peter Helier, Russell Peters, Akmal Saleh, Nazeem Hussain, Tommy Little, Joel Creasey, Arj Barker, Rove McManus, Peter Rowsthorn, and many names we are not allowed to mention.

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